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Moai on the Move

Eight moai arrive in Central London

Arriving by truck at the Chilean Embassy, Whitehall

Eight large recreations of the moai of Easter Island, made by Jamie Wilson and Cheeky Tiki, arrived in Central London on 9 November 2010. Seven were placed in Canning House, which is located between Buckingham Palace and Harrods, with three marking the entrance lobby and welcoming visitors to the exhibition, Easter Island, Myths and Popular Culture. The eighth moai was placed in the foyer of the Chilean Embassy in Whitehall, and a few weeks later it ventured into the surrounding neighbourhood for a series of publicity photos.

From Central London to Middlesbrough

With help from National Hickman:
the moai arrive at the Captain Cook Birthplace Museum

On 1 March 2011, the eight moai were collected by National Hickman in one of its lorries. National Hickman's logo is a moai and as a proud supporter of the exhibitions they kindly transported the moai north from London to Marton, Middlesbrough, stopping overnight in Birmingham. The moai arrived on 2 March, a few days before the opening of the new exhibition. They were captured by the waiting press on the lawn outside the museum, before being moving inside.

Greeting visitors inside the Captain Cook Birthplace Museum