Moai Culture Moai on the Move

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The Easter Island, Myths and Popular Culture exhibition began in London in November 2010, and was then collected by National Hickman for its journey north. After briefly stopping en route in Birmingham, the exhibition arrived at the Captain Cook Birthplace Museum in Middlesbrough, where it was on display for six months. From there it journeyed to the Kon-Tiki Museum, Oslo, where it was exhibited for six months, and then back to Middlesbrough. The exhibition was stored in Nottingham briefly before being transported to Adelaide. From there, it was moved to the Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre, where it was placed on display in late 2014. It is now back in Adelaide, where it is waiting for the next adventure, which hopefully will be Japan, Taiwan and Rapanui. On the map below a moai is positioned at each stop, with the green line representing a one-way journey; a purple line is for a two-way/return journey.

The journey so far