Moai Culture Kon-Tiki Museum

The Kon-Tiki Museum, 6 October 2011 - 31 March 2012

The next stop in the exhibition's journey is the Kon-Tiki Museum in Oslo, Norway. The Museum, which was co-funded by Thor Heyerdahl, was opened in the year 1950 with the purpose to house the original Kon-Tiki vessel. Also on display are the original boats and objects from Heyerdahl's other expeditions with permanent exhibitions focused on Ra, Tigris, Fatu-Hiva, Kon-Tiki, and Easter Island. Within the museum, there is a 30 metre cave tour and an underwater exhibition containing a life-size 10 metre whale shark. In addition, the museum undertakes research and projects, which are connected to Heyerdahl's work and areas of interest.

Easter Island, Myths and Popular Culture will begin within the Kon-Tiki museum's temporary exhibition space and will then continue within the main galleries at three strategic points, and alongside a most impressive collection of Easter Island artefacts. It is an honour to hold this exhibition at such a prestigious venue.

Teresa Jambur

Image captions

[1] The moai greeting visitors at the entrance to the exhibition. [2] Curator Dr Ian Conrich, putting the final touches to the exhibition. [3] Curator, Dr Ian Conrich, next to the display of moai-inspired comics from around the world. [4] Household objects, from cushions and tissue box holders to candles and ice-cube trays. [5] Moai toys, from bobbleheads and talking heads, to pop-up books and diecast model cars. [6] Visitors at the exhibition. The panels are colour-coded into different categories. [9] Moai ceramics, from liquor bottles to mugs and salt and pepper shakers. [11] A range of ceramic salt and pepper shakers. [12] Ceramic maoi mugs. [14] Hawai'ian shirts and a pair of Rapa Nui moai swimming trunks.

Inside the Kon-Tiki Museum. Image courtesy of the Kon-Tiki Museum

Ian Conrich (2nd left) and Martyn Harris (right),
Curator and Assistant Curator of the 'Easter Island,
Myths and Popular Culture' exhibitions on a
planning visit to the Kon-Tiki Museum. In the
photo is museum Managing Director Maja Bauge (left)
and Halfden Tangen (2nd right). Behind is one
of several full size moai replicas in the museum.

The stone moai carving outside the Kon-Tiki
Photo by Ian Conrich.

Thor Heyerdahl with one of the giant moai
on Easter Island. Image courtesy of the
Kon-Tiki Museum